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Klimt Cairnhill's June 2024 Promo

  • District 9
  • Freehold
  • Prestigious Cairnhill Address
  • Large Formats ( Rare & Sought after in Ultra Luxury market)
  • Within 1km to Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
  • Titan of Industry Developer ( Low Keng Huat ) 

What’s the Promo Available? 

Essentially the promo is for the 3 bedders. How does it fare?

Let’s check out all the 3 Bedder Transactions

Average / Median PSF is $36xx to $37xx.
Many had bought at $36xx and above.
Only a minor few bought at below $3500psf.

After considering the promotion, there are 2 units that stand out in the entire selection (and history) of 3 bedders.

#08-02 , 1432 sqft, $4.88m , $3408 psf
#13-02 , 1432 sqft , $4,888m , $3413 psf

Other than these, the next available units will be from the 18th floor to 33th floor.
(And 18th floor is selling at $3588 psf and above.)

An entry at $3400 psf will be advantageous considering many of the other units had bought higher prices ( easily $3600psf and above) 

In fact, currently there are 33 transactions of 3 Bedders in Klimt.
Let’s re-arrange the transactions so you can see where the $4.88m price ranks:

In the grand scheme of things, at least the promo provides for a decent entry compared to most of the other owners here.

Take note that there are a good number of buyers who had to pay extra costs (ABSD)

PR 20.60%
Foreigner 41.10%
Company 4.70%

PR pays 5% 
Foreigners 30% – 60%
Entities pays 35% – 65%

There’s a good mix of Singaporeans ,  Indonesians & PRC buyers who love this Trophy of a Property with its prestigious address.  

So if you manage to buy at 0% ABSD… Big kudos to you. 

Till the next time, take care!

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